Although it seems as though there’s one main focal point, concerts have so many different elements coming together to make them either great, or mediocre. Picture it: the bright lights and groups of people making the space feel warmer and more intimate than it is, the sound of  an electric guitar booming through the space, when it comes to a great live concert, the concert experts at Stellar Shows have come up with what truly makes live music an unforgettable experience.


  1. The show has an intimate feel to it.


People generally want to feel connected, whether it’s to each other or to something greater, music has a way of making us feel connected. A successful live music show breaks past the number of fans in the crowd and makes each and every fan feel connected to the artist, to the music, and to one another. A concert with an intimate atmosphere is not based on the size of the venue or the number of fans, it’s dependent on the way the artist plans and executes their show, as well as the way the venue is set up. With a good sound system, and an artist that is passionate about their music, you’ll feel like it’s an exclusive show for just you.


  1. The show is planned, but doesn’t look it.


An industry secret to a successful live music show is that it’s planned out to the very last detail. Many people think that the best live shows are the ones in which the artist goes ballistic and does their own thing, and that planning out a concert will suck the spontaneity out of the show. However, in this case, the truth is that when there are a default set of preplanned moves to fall back on, the artist has the opportunity to get into the music and make the most of opportunities to amp up the excitement.


Artists have creativity in check, and it makes the show that much more enjoyable when they think about and plan how one song looks different from another. If every song has a different meaning and mood to it, why would they do the same thing for every song they play?


  1. The venue has a comfortable atmosphere.


The venue needs a high-quality sound system, period. You should be able to hear each instrument clearly, and feel the beat of the drums at the same time. Each venue should be unique in ambiance and every guest should feel like they’re entering an exciting and new experience every time. It’s even more authentic when the fans can see and feel how much care was put into the look and feel of the stage, walls, ceiling, floor, entrance, and back.


  1. The artist has movement and passion.


A passionate artist is everything the fans came to see. It doesn’t matter what song is played, an artist can draw in the crowd just as well with a slow song than a high-energy song. Sometimes artists go off the handle and set things on fire, and smash their guitars. And while that stuff is entertaining and makes the show more lively, it’s not necessary. If the artist obviously loves their music and it shows, that’s plenty to make the concert unforgettable for the audience.


That being said, even if it is a slow song, movement still needs to be taking place. If the artist is standing in the same spot the entire time, it’s not only boring to watch, but there’s an obvious disinterest on behalf of the artist, and it is contagious to the audience. If the artist is disinterested, the crowd will be too. A successful performer sings like it’s the last time they’ll ever sing again.


  1. The element of surprise is not forgotten.


When the artist doesn’t necessarily play their songs perfectly, it makes for a more enjoyable show. Perfect technical execution is almost boring. Live performances provide the artist new and spontaneous opportunities to add their own little quarks to that version of the song. A concert is a great opportunity to surprise the crowd with extended intros, guitar solos, call-and-response sections of popular songs, special guests, covers and other crowd surprises.


Stellar Shows not only provides talent that is eclectic and unforgettable, but our venues are one-of-a-kind. Whether it’s The Yost, Original Mike’s, Campus Jax, French Quarter, or Fais Do-Do, you’re guaranteed to be reminded why live concerts are better. Check out our upcoming events today.