Independent promoters have to work extra hard to get the word out about their upcoming shows.
They have to be marketing experts, social media engineers, graphic design artists, salespeople, maitre d’s, bookkeepers, announcers, roadies, drivers, bouncers, event planners and creative writers. 
Most of all, they have to be on hand to pay the band after an event is over, whether it is a success or not.
It’s all about the musicians. Stellar Shows is dedicated to helping artists get well-earned exposure as well as make sure they get the funds they need to keep doing what they do.
Stellar is not a faceless corporate entity that presents concerts for the money.
It is nice when we break even or make a few dollars – but foremost is rewarding artists for their creativity, musicianship and overall body of work.
There is no better feeling than wrapping up an evening and having folks stick around to tell you how much they  enjoyed it, and to PLEASE keep doing what you do.