1. What Does A Concert Promoter Do?

    When you go to a concert, what do you think about? Between the bright lights, the energy of the crowd, and the captivating music, it’s easy to forget all the work that goes into making the show happen. A concert promoter does just about all of the behind the scenes work, and is the driving force behind the band standing on that stage. At Stellar Shows, we aim to create unforgettable shows at all…Read More

  2. A Promoter Must Wear Many Hats

    Independent promoters have to work extra hard to get the word out about their upcoming shows. They have to be marketing experts, social media engineers, graphic design artists, salespeople, maitre d's, bookkeepers, announcers, roadies, drivers, bouncers, event planners and creative writers.  Most of all, they have to be on hand to pay the band after an event is over, whether it is a success or no…Read More

  3. What Makes A Good Concert?

    Although it seems as though there’s one main focal point, concerts have so many different elements coming together to make them either great, or mediocre. Picture it: the bright lights and groups of people making the space feel warmer and more intimate than it is, the sound of  an electric guitar booming through the space, when it comes to a great live concert, the concert experts at Stellar Sh…Read More

  4. Benefits of Attending Concerts

    Picture your favorite concert. The band is playing your favorite song, you’re singing along at the top of your lungs, you’re dancing your you-know-what off, and having the time of your life. After leaving the concert thinking, “whoa that was awesome”, you realize those kinds of memories don’t come along every day. A good concert is an unforgettable experience. Not many people realize how…Read More

  5. Welcome!

    Welcome to the new site for Stellar Shows!  We're excited to bring you the best shows Southern California has to offer, stay tuned for updates!…Read More